Articles Around the Web - July 2020 (Live Feed) - Benjamin Bellwether

Articles Around the Web – July 2020 (Live Feed)

A Bellwether Insight

Photo: Mohammed Suhail
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Here are a few of our favorite articles from around the web. We will continue to update for the month, so make sure to check back and see what else is happening out there.

Everlane’s Promise of ‘Radical Transparency’ Unravels

Employees past and present are challenging management, saying the company’s ethical image was an illusion. Michael Preysman, a founder and the chief executive of Everlane, a fashion brand that targets the ethically minded with minimalist basics, stood onstage in May 2019 at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and preached the gospel of his company.

Burberry and Tencent Are Building a New Kind of Store in China

Burberry will open what it calls luxury’s first “social retail store” in partnership with technology giant Tencent in Shenzhen, China, on July 31, according to reports from Retail in Asia and Marketing Interactive. The companies first entered into an exclusive partnership in November to announce the creation of the concept store, which is designed to…

What online shoppers want right now

Most retailers can remember a time when the internet seemed destined to wreck their business, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has been a saving grace. Many larger publicly traded retailers are reporting triple-digital e-commerce growth, according to Wells Fargo analysts. Some mom-and-pop stores in recent months turned to the channel for the first time.

Numbers don’t lie: how data reveals fashion’s inclusivity problem

The past two months have seen echoes of exasperation across black communities worldwide, in reaction to the US killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Elijah McClain and Breonna Taylor.

Sustainability Beyond Eco-friendly – Benjamin Bellwether Fashion Trends

Sustainability is not a new topic. It’s something that has come up in all of our lifetimes, in different forms. In the 1970’s, it was the energy crisis. In the 1990’s, it was a “warning to humanity.” In the 2010’s, it was a “climate emergency.”

Sustaining and strengthening inclusion in our new remote environment

Working from home has become commonplace globally. The dramatic workplace changes introduced in response to COVID-19 have provided organizations the opportunity to reset team dynamics. This major shift can, and should, also serve as a catalyst to embed more inclusive practices and more effective leadership skills.

Spotlight On: Counting Carbon, not Calories

Often on the side of any container of food, there’s a blurb outlining the calories per serving. Having access to the nutritional value of one’s food can help one improve one’s health and awareness of what one ingests.

Lacking financial support, Black-owned businesses are suffering

The effects of the pandemic are straining the US economy as a whole, but Black-owned businesses have been particularly impacted. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 440,000 Black-owned businesses shuttered in the US, or 41 per cent of the total 1.1 million, between February and April this year.

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