Articles Around the Web - June 2020 (Live Feed) - Benjamin Bellwether

Articles Around the Web – June 2020 (Live Feed)

A Bellwether Insight

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Here are a few of our favorite articles from around the web. We will continue to update for the month, so make sure to check back and see what else is happening out there.

Textile Exchange Pushes for 50% Sustainably Grown Cotton by 2025

Textile Exchange’s 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge aims to be a cornerstone for change in the apparel and textile industry by encouraging brands and retailers to commit to source 100 percent of their cotton from the most sustainable sources in five years’ time. The second annual 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge report includes information and statistics on…

How laundry is spilling plastics into the ocean

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN Temujin Doran, CNN Cullercoats, UK Off the coast of Cullercoats, in northeast England, researchers Max Kelly and Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan send a long tubular net into the depths of the North Sea. Known as a vertical tow, the net is used to collect samples of microscopic zooplankton, whose health can serve as a bellwether for an ocean’s overall wellbeing.

The (New) Gender Fluid – Benjamin Bellwether – Fashion Trends

The 2010’s brought a host of new terms to describe gender and sexual identification. Pansexual, gender fluid, non-binary, they/them and more filled everything from billboards to by-lines. The gender revolution that came out of movements like #MeToo and #TransRights opened up doors for people of any tribe to pull styling cues, silhouettes and fabrics that were traditionally ‘male’ or ‘female.’

He wears short shorts: why are men showing more leg?

Men’s short shorts, an item of clothing forever caught in the crosshairs of a sartorial culture war between subversive and suggestive and retroactively rugged (think Wham! in the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video vs Bjorn Bjorg), are enjoying a renaissance.

The tech behind ‘social-distance selling’

Utah-based lifestyle store EmieJames lost about 80 per cent of sales during the pandemic with its doors forced closed, but as the state began to relax restrictions, virtual shopping appointments and kerbside pickup have kept the boutique in business and thriving.

Virtual Catwalks And Digital Fashion: How COVID-19 Is Changing The Fashion Industry

At this time of reflection, we can pause and consider the systems within which we work, and see them breaking down around us. The fashion industry’s predictive, seasonal systems have long been labelled out-of-date, broken and wasteful, with the consequences piling up in landfills around the world.

American Eagle fast-tracks fulfillment hubs to reduce shipping backlog

American Eagle Outfitters accelerated its plans to open two third-party managed fulfillment hubs outside Boston and Atlanta in the first quarter, COO Michael Rempell told analysts on a Wednesday earnings call. The company fast-tracked the plan as e-commerce orders increased after it closed all stores in mid-March.

Please don’t touch: The future of experiential retail in the era of coronavirus

What’s the purpose of a store? Technically, it’s to offer up products to customers and, more importantly, get them to buy those products. But in recent years, the purpose of a store has been brought into question as startups and traditional retailers alike explore what has become the pinnacle of physical retail: experiential retail.

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