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Benjamin Bellwether Consulting Approach

Utilize the right foundation...

monetize your influence, make your
content more purposeful, your
audience more engaged and your
influence stronger

…while building a more
        circular personal brand.

What we do

Brand Auditing Benjamin Bellwether

Brand Auditing

Creative Direction Benjamin Bellwether

Creative Direction & Strategy

Affiliate Marketing

Website Creation & Digital Management

Campaign Results Reporting

Data Analytics Benjamin Bellwether

Data Tracking & Analytics

We utilize a 3 step program...


Brand Audit
& Data Diagnostic

Brand Auditing
Competitive Analysis
Data Diagnostics
Benchmarking Stat Sheets
Audience Analysis
Brand Guides
Creative Direction & Rebranding


Website Creation/Refresh
& Tracking Installations

Website Design & Development
eNews Implementation
Affiliate Marketing Integration
Social Media Strategy & Integration
Search Engine Optimization
Industry-leading Tracking Installs
Domain Set-up & Hosting


Content Implementation
& Maintenance

Website Posting
Design Maintenance
Audience Insights
Ongoing Analytics Pulls
Bi-weekly & Monthly Reporting
Trend Forecasting & Ideation
Web Compliance

...that scales with your influence.

Let’s get started.