Consulting Services

We help you through each step of your product development process, to ensure your products are trend right and easy to adopt by your customers.

How We Work With You



Tell us about your strengths and what opportunities you see for your business.


Trend analysis

We analyze trends through the lens of your business.


Partner with your supply chain

Should you need it, we work with your suppliers to select trend right fabrics & trims for you to use for prototyping.


Create product & presentations

We will help you create and display the best product for your customers. Presentations will be branded with your logos, look and feel so your message is always 100% authentic.

Who is Benjamin Bellwether?

We are all of you…the clothing designers, textile manufacturers, buyers, merchandisers… Benjamin Bellwether, the person, speaks to every product developer out there as a kind of friend, out in the market doing research for you. He is constantly adapting to your brand, learning from how you shop the market and shop our website…a kind of algorithm or artificial intelligence but with no code…just intuition and listening.

Let’s work together.

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