What will auditing my brand help me with? - Benjamin Bellwether

What will auditing my brand help me with?

A brand audit is a look at your company’s current position in the market, compared to your competitors; and, it will measure the effectiveness of your marketing and what consumers think about you.

By looking at your brands, you will be able to…


By looking at the performance of your brand, you have a foundation to grow from. You will use this as a starting point to evolve how you interact with your customers.


Analyzing consumer attitudes towards your brand will expose strengths that you can grow to gain more customers. It will also help show weaknesses that you need to work on.


One way to gather information during a brand audit will be talking with employees. This information will be invaluable to understanding and interacting with them.


You will analyze how a customer views you during a brand audit, which will help you understand your customer better. This can help you position your product to seem more appealing.


You will look at your position in the market compared to your competitors. This will help you understand them better, and provide information on how to set yourself apart from them.


This process will produce a lot of information to help inform marketing strategies and ultimately marketing plans. By using a digital focus, you can align all of your strategies.

Digital technology and access to data has made this process a lot easier…