Why omnichannel? - Benjamin Bellwether

Why omnichannel?

According to Marketing Week…


The average number of touch points a consumer uses when buying a product.

According to Zendesk…


of consumers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.

According to SDL…


of consumers expect consistent interactions across the channels that they shop in.

According to Aberdeen Group and Aspect Software, companies who have strong omnichannel strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers and see 91% greater customer retention rates year-over-year.

Customers shopping over multiple channels are also  spending more money – about 30% over their lifetime, according to research by Google.

Top performing companies have aligned the efforts of all of their customer touchpoints to create a unified shopping experience that is both seamless and frictionless.

To stay relevant…

…look at the experience from the perspective of your customer. Are you providing a personalized experience where they want it? Are they getting what they need? What they want? Are you using the experience to lead the customer through a process to make a purchase?