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Our online courses will help educate you on a range of topics that are fundamental to your fashion business.


Our short form, lightweight trainings offer you a foundation to grow in your career. There are many jobs adjacent to your past or current roles, and a simple shift in your skillset will set you up for career advancement.


Our a la carte approach to learning means you select only the courses you need to grow your business strategically. Many courses contain action-oriented worksheets and resource guides to help streamline your day-to-day.


Companies that spend more money on training have a 24% higher profit margin.1 Plus, your employees become more engaged when you show an interest in their career advancement. Inquire about enterprise plans.

The industry is changing, and that means your skills need to change, too.

Over half of U.S. adults in the labor force say it’s essential for them to get training and develop new skills in order to keep up with changes in the workplace. And, nearly half of your co-workers have already taken extra training in the last year. 1

Let's help you do that.

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  Sustainability Courses


All About Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

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  Marketing & Fashion Business Courses

Buy a bundle & get extras

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Sustainability Basics for Fashion Business BUNDLE

All you need to get started with sustainability.
  • FOUR COURSES that give you a solid foundation
  • COURSE TEXTBOOKS that include all course materials and more
  • a shareable CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to add to your social platforms
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Marketing Basics for Fashion Business BUNDLE

All you need to get started with marketing and brand image.
  • SEVEN COURSES that give you a solid foundation
  • COURSE TEXTBOOKS that include all course materials and more
  • a shareable CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to add to your social platforms


Our courses are for a wide range of people. Are you looking to brush up on new skills to pivot or advance in your career? Are you looking to educate your workforce with ongoing training and development programs? Or, are you a student looking to explore the fashion industry? The online module learning platform makes it easy for anyone to sign-up and start learning right away.

Yes! In fact, companies with comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee and 24% higher profit margin, according to the Association for Talent Development. We offer employee-based pricing, in-person and virtual trainings by the same industry professionals who developed these courses. Just contact us to get started.

Once you make your account, you’ll be able to purchase any course via credit card. All of our transactions are 100% secure using Stripe, a payment platform used by millions of businesses. Benjamin Bellwether does not store any of your card information, it’s all processed through Stripe’s secure platforms. For this reason, you will need to type in your card details each time you buy a course.

Yes, all of the courses are online module based. The beauty of that means your progress is always saved. The downside is that you must have an active internet or cellular connection to access to pages. If you want a more on-the-go experience, you can purchase our bundles, which come with a downloadable textbook.

There are several lessons for each course covering a range of topics. There are no exams or quizzes. Some courses include additional course materials that you can download. If you purchase a bundle, you can download a textbook and certificate of completion. Individual courses do not include textbooks or certificates.

Benjamin Bellwether provides information & ideas for fashion’s product developers; in the form of Quick Insights, Business Tools and Courses.

The Quick Insights are free articles that analyze big trends changing the industry, sustainability and marketing insights, and more.

Downloadable Business Tools include templates, checklists and resource guides that help businesses manage day to day tasks.

The online module-based Courses cover a wide range of topics from Sustainable Product Development and Marketing Your Sustainability Message, to Branding Strategies and Public Relations in a Crisis.

All of our courses are developed by industry professionals, meaning they focus on what you will actually face in the fashion industry. They are full of time-tested tips, actionable to-do items, and the essentials of what you need to know to succeed in the industry. We also don’t make you go through lengthy and expensive admissions processes, and you don’t have to buy any textbooks or supplies! This is real industry training, developed by people who have already gone to the schools and been out in the workforce.

It’s simple and easy! Just make an account, buy a course (or a bundle!) and the courses will show up in your “My Dashboard” page. All transactions are quick and 100% secure using Stripe. When you open a course, you’ll be able to save your progress, mark lessons as complete, and download course materials to reinforce your learning.

They sure do! All of our courses are designed to be mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. All of your progress is saved to your account, so you can easily switch between devices, too!

It’s an easy way to buy a bunch of courses at once. Our bundles are designed to include courses that relate to each other. They also include a downloadable textbook and a shareable Certificate of Completion. You can only get these extras in our bundles!

The courses are available to you from the moment you purchase; and, you’ll have access forever, even once you complete the course. Just login to your account and visit the ‘My Dashboard’ page. There is no time limit to take the course and your progress is saved as you go, too.

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