Marketing Basics for Fashion Business

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The Marketing Basics for Fashion Business course will teach you the basics of growing your business, by developing relationships with your current customers and gaining new ones.

With your purchase, you will receive…
  • Downloadable PDF presentations, with over 150 slides of content
  • Topics include: Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing & Public Relations, Market Research, Competitive Research, Branding, Omnichannel, and Distribution
Made for fashion and beauty businesses to learn about the basics of marketing your products, from digital media to distribution.
We took traditional fashion business and marketing concepts and applied them to today’s data-focused consumers.
We’ve created the best tips and tricks you can use right now to make your brand better. This course is built for 2020 and beyond.
We limit the industry jargon, and define all the ‘industry-speak’ so you understand the concepts.

What you will learn…

Digital Marketing for Fashion Business Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Learn how to make a marketing plan with a digital focus
  • Learn what’s trending in digital technology and which types of content are most effective
  • Learn options for bringing visitors to your digital spaces

Integrated Marketing & Public Relations Strategies

  • Learn how an integrated approach to all your marketing, advertising and PR efforts is the best way to gain customers
  • Learn how to use your PR team with the rest of your marketing activities
  • Learn best practices for customer service
  • Learn what to do when a PR disaster comes up
Integrated Marketing and Public Relations for Fashion Business Strategies
Market Research for Fashion Business Strategies

Market Research Strategies

  • Learn how to research your market and learn about the external and internal influences on your business
  • Learn how to complete a SWOT analysis
  • Learn how to create a customer persona, as well as segment and target your customers
  • Learn how to benchmark your data and how to ‘state the facts’ so you can act on them quickly

Competitive Analysis Strategies

  • Learn how to research and analyze your competitors
  • Learn how to use the information you found to gain market share
  • Learn how to keep monitoring your competitors quickly and easily
Competitive Analysis for Fashion Business Strategies
Branding for Fashion Business Strategies

Branding Strategies

  • Learn what makes up your brand’s voice
  • Learn how to perform a brand audit to see what people are saying about your brand online & offline
  • Learn how to continue to monitor what people are saying

Omnichannel Strategies

  • Learn what an omnichannel strategy can mean for your business growth
  • Learn how to use influencers and collaborations to gain new customers
  • Learn the power of in-store events in your marketing mix
Omnichannel for Fashion Business Strategies
Distribution for Fashion Business Strategies

Distribution Strategies

  • Learn the basics of distributing your products and what options you have
  • Learn how you distribute your product has an effect on your brand image
  • Learn how the direct-to-consumer, digitally native distribution model can work for your business

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