Omnichannel Strategies

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This course is part six of seven from our Marketing Basics for Fashion Business series and is all about the omnichannel customer experience, where to meet them and how to use influencers and collaborations.

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  • Topics include: defining omnichannel and the experience economy, the customer’s new path to purchase, tips for the mobile experience and how to use influencers and collaborations.
Made for fashion and beauty businesses to learn about the basics of marketing your products, from digital media to distribution.
We took traditional fashion business and marketing concepts and applied them to today’s data-focused consumers.
We’ve created the best tips and tricks you can use right now to make your brand better. This course is built for 2020 and beyond.
We limit the industry jargon, and define all the ‘industry-speak’ so you understand the concepts.

We answer all your questions…

  • What is omnichannel and how can I get all up in those channels?
  • What is the experience economy?
  • What is the customer’s new path to purchase?
  • Does mobile really matter?
  • What opportunities do I have for in-store experiences?
  • How should I use influencers effectively?
  • What about collaborations?

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