Product Development & Sustainability

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This course is part three of four from our Sustainability Basics for Fashion Business series and is all about how to make your actual product more sustainable.

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  • A downloadable PDF presentation, learn wherever you are
  • Topics include: how to use end to end product development, trends in eco-friendly fabrics and dyes, how to map your supply chain and making sustainable merchandising and packaging.
Made for fashion and beauty businesses to learn about the basics of sustainability, from fashion’s current impact to marketing.
We took the best research and standards available to give you easy to digest information about what sustainability means for you.
We’ve created the best tips and tricks you can use right now to make your brand better. This course is built for 2020 and beyond.
We limit the industry jargon, and define all the ‘industry-speak’ so you understand the concepts.

We answer all your questions…

  • What is a better way to develop product?
  • How can I look at the entire lifecycle of my products?
  • What tools and online platforms can I use to design?
  • What are some current trends in sustainable fabrics & dyes?
  • What is durable product and how can it help my business?
  • How can I make my store design more sustainable?
  • What are my options for recycle, rental and resale?

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and see alllllll the good stuff you can do for your business. Proud of you.

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