Sustainability Basics for Fashion Business

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The Sustainability Basics for Fashion Business course will teach you the basics of sustainable business strategies, by defining what it means to be ‘green’ and what that means for your day to day operations and long term growth.

With your purchase, you will receive…
  • Downloadable PDF presentations, with over 90 slides of content
  • Topics include: All About Sustainability, Structuring Your Sustainable Business, Product Development & Sustainability and Marketing Your Sustainability Message
Made for fashion and beauty businesses to learn about the basics of sustainability, from fashion’s current impact to marketing.
We took the best research and standards available to give you easy to digest information about what sustainability means for you.
We’ve created the best tips and tricks you can use right now to make your brand better. This course is built for 2020 and beyond.
We limit the industry jargon, and define all the ‘industry-speak’ so you understand the concepts.

What you will learn…

Sustainable Fashion Strategies

All About Sustainability

  • Learn the buzz words of sustainability and what happens when the Earth’s climate changes
  • Learn about fashion’s current impact on the environment and people
  • Learn how to measure your own impact and start your sustainability journey

Structuring Your Sustainable Business

  • Learn how CSR can transform your business and satisfy your shareholders, customers and employees
  • Learn about offsetting your carbon emissions
  • Learn how you can still make money with sustainable business practices
Sustainable Fashion Business Strategies
Sustainable Fashion Product Development Strategies

Product Development & Sustainability

  • Learn about end to end product development and tools to help you design and develop product more sustainably
  • Learn about eco-friendly fabrics and dye processes
  • Learn how to make your supply chain, merchandising and packaging more sustainable
  • Learn about what to do when a customer is done using your product

Marketing Your Sustainability Message

  • Learn about green marketing and how to share your message
  • Learn about the new marketing mix for a more sustainable future
  • Learn about authenticity and the risk of greenwashing
  • Learn about the power of certifications for your products
Sustainability Marketing for Fashion Businesses

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