Why You Need to Give Your Customers a Personality - Fashion Business

Why You Need to Give Your Customers a Personality

A Bellwether Insight

Photo: Ryoji Iwata
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Understanding your customers can be difficult. Where do they come from? How do they buy? Who in their family buys products for them? Even if you have been tracking your purchase data, talking to your salespeople and doing some online research, how do you organize all this information into something you can use?

This is all done through something called customer segmentation mapping. Mapping out your customer segments in specific target customer personas can help you get a visual of exactly who your customers are compared to each other. From there, you can make a plan on how to sell and speak to all the different consumers you are going after.

Download the free template and start understanding your customer.

Wish you had something that you can just fill out and work with quickly? We got you…and we developed an easy-to-use template to get the most out of all the research you have been doing on your customers. We have also developed a way to truly connect your customer with your product: by giving them a personality. A personality can help you figure out how they behave, how they could be interacting with your products and if they are shopping brands similar to yours. It also helps you connect with them on a more personal level when creating your online community.

These ‘personalities’ are defined by character archetypes, like when an author is writing a story. Each character refers to a personality trait your customer could have. Maybe you have a customer who’s a Caregiver, but also a Creator. Maybe you have a customer that’s just an Everyman type. By identifying the personality type, you can understand the person who is going to buy your products.

Character Archetypes for your Customers from Benjamin Bellwether

Our template also helps you figure out where to find information on your customers. Things like sales data, salespeople, Google Analytics and more. Once you are done with the research and identified the personality traits, just fill out the form and get to connecting with your customer more than you ever have before. (And, don’t worry, we also give some great tips on ‘what to do next.’)

Customer Segmentation Sheet from Benjamin Bellwether

Download the free template and start understanding your customer today.

For more on how to learn about your company, customers, and competitors, check out our Marketing Basics for Fashion Business course bundle.