We provide information and ideas, for the fashion industry's product developers to make better decisions.

Fashion Trend Articles

Trend alerts, industry news, shifts in consumer behavior and other quick insights to inform your day to day decisions.

Fashion Trend Reports
Seasonal global trends, shopping the market analysis, and more reports for you to make decisions about your product mix.
Fashion Business Courses

Foundations of marketing, sustainability basics, eco-design, and other educational courses to grow your business strategically.

Our Method

We use a range of information to provide insights for you...

Macro Cultural Trends

Interpreting large scale cultural movements and their affect on consumers

Consumer Insights

Analyzing how consumers are finding products and what they are looking for

Industry Trends

Reviewing how experts in the industry are presenting their collections for their customers

Shopping the Market

Interpreting the product that is presented to consumers at the store level, across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce

How We Work With You

Insight Reports

Download insight reports and use them however you feel works best for your business.


A more personalized approach, designed to help you create better products and presentations.