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Sustainability will be what every fashion brand is talking about over the next five years.

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Sustainability Basics for Fashion Business BUNDLE

All you need to get started with sustainability.
  • FOUR courses that give you a solid foundation
  • COURSE TEXTBOOKS that include all course materials and more
  • a shareable CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to add to your social platforms


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Alexander Kovalev
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Getting in the Game

With further lockdowns looming, brands will be looking for ways to feature their products to an even more ‘at-home’ audience. Brands may be looking to a stalwart of in-home entertainment: video games.

Sustainability Trends in the 2020s

Sustainability Trends in the 2020’s

Sustainability is going to be what every single fashion business is talking about over the next few years. Here are the big trends we see happening so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Animation Nation

With COVID-19 putting a damper in live action ads, runway shoes, shoots and more, the fashion, music and lifestyle industries are moving in a different direction.


Sustainability Beyond Eco-friendly

The first word we think about when we see ‘sustainability’ is the environment. But, sustainability has the power to transform your organization and answer the question: will my brand be around in the future?

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The (New) Gender Fluid

The gender fluidity macro cultural trend will have its influence on fashion for years to come. But, what is staying gender neutral, who’s doing unisex and where is the influence really seen elsewhere?